Apr 03

Jaycees App Challenge 2018

Jaycees App Challenge 2018

  • Date: April 7-9, 2018
  • Location: National School of Engineers of Sfax, Tunisia
  • Facebook page: <Link>
  • Registration Link: <Link>
  • Organizers:
    • JCI Sfax
    • DGIMA
    • SSCLL
    • YP Tunisia



May 02




  • Tunisia is around transforming public services through its municipalities to engage better with citizens, and to ensure that they have both choice and voice in the democratic process.
  • ICT can provide those commissioning and delivering services with useful tools to improve public services locally and can enable much better user engagement, by not just allowing citizens to easily access information about services, but by moving beyond this to allow a conversation to develop between service users and service providers.
  • Since its beginning, international cooperation has been a priority for SmartCity Living Lab. It has already developed a wide network of European partners offering a large capacity of actions thanks to collaboration opportunities.



The mission of Sfax Smart City Living Lab (SSCLL) is to create a living environment for users and different sectors of society in order to reveal their innovative ideas by collaboration of public-private sectors and users. In this context, Sfax Smart City Living Lab  (SSCLL) represents an open platform for public-private sector and users with a mutually accepted goal: to increase life standards of society by taking into account the needs of users and sectors in Sfax city regarding research and technological development. What makes SSCLL unique is to have such an open laboratory in Sfax committed to develop open innovation. The solutions produced in SSCLL can be a model for other cities. The method of revealing innovative ideas is based on co-creation by multiple actors such as universities, citizens, companies, research institutions, SME’s, NGOs, Media, experts public institutions, etc. SSCLL  also presents experimentation lab for products and services suitable for the needs of urban solutions. The main topics of the SSCLL  focus are Smart Administration, Smart Media, Smart Transport, Smart Energy, Smart Environment and Smart Health.

Sfax Smart City proposes to adapt, to implement and to exploit the Living Lab approaches to a specific City context and its users. Designed as a laboratory in tune with reality, in its social components, Smart City takes into account local issues, resources and populations. This LL is thus based on a site-specific approach and a specific methodology involving users in all the innovation process phases:

  • Stimulating creativity by transdisciplinarity and users’ involvement: co-creation between users and producers.
  • Involvement in research projects that nurture the reflection of the Living Lab.



  • Sfax Smart City Living Lab is offering to its actors the following benefits: strengthening methods, ideas and good practice exchanges; capacity building; new contexts for experimenting tools for project co-conception and users’ involvement, gaining flexibility in ways of working, validating and improving innovation process; new skills and expertise integration…
  • Sfax Smart City Living Lab would appreciate to develop and establish collaborations with other living labs around the world. Sfax Smart City Living Lab is also very interested by existing living labs strategic projects, and would be interested in being involved in future ones.


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