Sfax Smart City LL is a cross-sector platform gathering multidisciplinary partners, intermediary between a wide range of stakeholders and communities: users, local authorities, academics, SMEs from the creative industries, private funders, public institutions, civil society and Media. Representing the whole innovation chain they operate at different levels and offer different natures of contribution, that we can classify as follows:

  • The core team leading the LL : The REGIM.Lab
  • Direct and regular partners: They include Companies and startups from the creative industries community: INNOV4ALL (Smart House), SORETRAS (Smart Transportation) and Sfax Techno-Park (Smart Energy).

innov4all  SORETRAS Technopole-de-Sfax

  • They also include educational and research partners: University of Sfax and the National School of Engineers of Sfax.
  • They also include educational and research partners : University of Sfax and the National School of Engineers of Sfax.
  • Funders : SmartCity LL receives a strong support from public institutions, Governorate of Sfax, Municipality of Sfax and the Sfax Technopark.
  • International networks and other partners: The development of high quality and high impact strategic partnership is a key point for SmartCity LL. For this reason, SmartCity LL develops a strong policy of networking at local and international level in relation to research and innovation. Local, regional and national institutions are also regular partners for the specific testing of innovations related to their specific contexts.
  • LL open to build partnership with Media partners: Radio Sfax

IEEE Tunisia Section : IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.