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First ENIS Industrial-Academic Forum 2017 (ENIAF’2017)
  • ENIAF’2017 is providing an opportunity for Academic and Industrial to exchange and to share their expertise.
  • ENIAF’2017 is a national event where more than 30 Industrials and more than 300 students and Academics form Tunisia will meet to mind the Gap between them.
  • ENIAF’2017 will be a debate space through several oral presentations made by Industrials and some Young Graduate to share with student their stories of success.
  • ENIAF’2017 will be held at the National School of Engineers of Sfax on October 7th, 2017. In order to register to ENIAF’2017, please subscribe now using this link: <Registration>
ENIAF’2017 Program



08h00 – 08h30

Welcoming Reception

08h30 – 08h45

Opening Session by Pr. Maher Ben Jemaa and Pr. Farhat Rkhis

08h45 – 09h15

Success Story Ms. Dalel Krichen, WES- Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability

09h15 – 09h45

‘’Ethique du métier ingénieur au travail ‘’ by. Mr. Raouf Yaich

09h45 – 10h05

Soft Skills by Mr. Mehdi Gueblewi, Les 10 erreurs à éviter pour réussir son entretien d’embauche, Ntraining

10h05 – 10h20

Success Story by Ms. Amal Elleuch Kallel

10h20 – 10h30

HLOUWA Sweets Presentation

10h30 – 11h00

Coffee Break

11h00 – 11h15

Djagora Academy Mr. Hedi Tmar,

11h15 – 11h30

Eng. Zied Jaballah, What to choose after graduation

11h30 – 11h50

Soft Skills by Eng. Slim Ben Hammouda

11h50 – 12h05

Dr. Afef Mdhaffer research member at CRNS: Theralytics: smart e-health Services for treating patients in Tunisia

12h05 – 12h20

Dr. Yousri Kessentini, research member at CRNS

12h20 – 12h35

Success Story Eng. Yasmine Mili, ENOVA Robotics

12h35 – 12h50

ReGIM-Lab. Presentation by Pr. Chokri Ben Amar

12h50 – 13h00

CES Laboratory Presentation by Pr. Mohamed Abid

13h00 – 13h10

Redcad Laboratory Presentation by Pr. Mohamed Jemail

13h10 – 13h40

Lunch Break

13h40 – 13h50

Spark-IT Society Presentation by Mr. Mohamed Mzid

13h50 – 14h00

Acteol Society Presentation by Mr. Mohamed Oualha

14h00 – 14h10

FISGLOBAL Society Presentation by Mr. Kais Abdelhedi

14h10 – 14h20

Primatec Society Presentation by Salmen Ajili

14h20 – 14h30

Telnet Society Presentation

14h30 – 14h40

Softtodo Society Presentation by Mr. Amine Ben Abdallah

14h40 – 14h50

Cynapsys Society Presentation by Ms. Sonda Bousnina

14h50 – 15h00

Azerty soft Society Presentation by Mr. Mohamed Mansouri

15h00 – 15h10

CRNS Presentation by Pr. Mohamed Jmaiel

15h10 – 15h30

Compitechnology Society Presentation by Mr. Mohamed Kharrat

15h30 – 16h00

Coffee Break

16h00 – 16h10

Freedom Of Dev Society Presentation by Mr. Hatem Jarraya

16h10 – 16h20

HR Sopra Society Presentation by Mr. Abdallah Ayadi

16h20 – 16h30

Improve Software/ Expert Team Society Presentation by Salah El Amami

16h30 – 16h40

Squeezer software Society Presentation by Mr. Slim Ben Hammouda

16h40 – 16h50

Procan Society Presentation by Mr. Wajdi Louati

16h50 – 17h00

Talent/addicaid Society Presentation by Mr. Mohamed Amine Ben Romdhane

17h00 – 17h10

Telnet Society Presentation by Ms. Salma Fendri

17h10 – 17h20

TODEOS Society Presentation by Mr. Hatem Arous

17h20 – 17h40

LAUTERBACH Society Presentation

17h40 – 19h00

Stand for industrials and students

19h00 – 20h30

Ceremony of graduation

ENIAF’2017 Organizers
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