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29th Workshop on Intelligent Machines: Theory and Applications – WIMTA’29

Banderole 300-100

  • Date: 18 – 20 December 2017
  • Location: Belle Vue Park, Sousse-Tunisia

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During WIMTA’29 (Workshop on Intelligent Machines: Theory and Applications), which were held in Belle Vue Park Sousse from 18 to 20 December 2017, we had the pleasure to welcome in our program 74 participants among Early Stage Researchers (ESR), Experienced Researchers (ER), Confirmed Experienced Researchers (CER) and Associate Researchers (AR) from ReGIM-Lab.  We present below the repartion of all patricipants to the WIMTA’29.

WIMTA’29 Chairs

General Chairs
adel chokri mounir
 Adel M. Alimi
Professor, ENIS
E-mail: adel.alimi@ieee.org

Chokri Ben Amar
Professor, ENIS
E-mail: chokri.benamar@ieee.org

Mounir Ben Ayed
Professor, FSS
E-mail: mounir.benayed@ieee.org

Organizing Chairs


sonda wael
Mohamed Ben Halima
Associate Professor, ISIMS

Sonda Boussnina
Post-Doc, ReGIM-Lab.

Wael Ouarda
Post-Doc, ReGIM-Lab.
E-mail: wael.ouarda@ieee.org

WIMTA’29 Technical Program

The program of WIMTA’29 have included 3 Technical Sessions.

Final Program

Poster Session

Our PhD students have presented 60 distinguished posters of their research works and three were selected as Best PhD Student Poster, which are:

Best PhD Student Poster:

  • Amal Hammami <Link>
  • Zeineb Feki <Link>
  • Hanen Akouaydi <Link>

Oral Presentation Session

30 PhD students have presented their thesis work progress at the presentation sessions during the planning of Wimta’29. All the presentations without any exception were of high quality at the theoretical and practical levels and according to the evaluation committee three best oral presentations were selected :

Best Oral Presentation:

  • Nessrine Tarhouni <Link>
  • Rahma Fourati <Link>
  • Wiam Elleuch <Link>

Hackathon Session on Deep Learning

9 Teams composed of 2 to 3 PhD students as members, have participated to the Hackathon session at Wimta’29, they worked hard in a collaborative and effective way to develop innovative ideas as a result of the application of the trainings done during this same Wimta’29. The committee members were amazed by the creativity of the participant teams and at the end one team was selected:

Satisfaction Survey

A total of 55 participants have filled out the evaluation suvey of this excellent scientific workshop. Here is the result of this survey of satisfaction:

Unsatisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied
 Overal Satisfaction 3% 60% 37%
 Hotel & Venue 10% 57% 33%
 WIMTA’29 Registration 5% 55% 40%
 Poster Session 7% 61% 32%
 Oral Presentation Session 10% 54% 36%
 Hackathon Session 10% 60% 30%
 CNN Training 1% 51% 48%
 LSTM Training 7% 60% 33%

WIMTA’29 Photos

20171219_160937 - Copie

20171218_10534420171218_110715 20171218_110850 20171218_150726 20171218_152026 20171218_162948 20171218_164007 20171219_091021 20171219_094319 20171219_102540 20171219_104711 20171219_113601 20171219_122823   20171219_155353 20171219_155502 20171219_155558 20171219_155717 20171219_160253 20171219_160407 20171219_160514 20171218_231213 20171218_231310 20171218_231411 20171218_231451 20171218_231541 20171219_150945 20171218_111023 20171218_111106 20171218_150750 20171218_162842